【Improvement of living conditions】

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Yan wishes everybody could live a comfortable life with a decent abode. But the fact is, problems marking the uniqueness of West Kowloon involving dilapidated buildings everywhere is rampant. To this end, Yan hopes that the policy address announced tomorrow will address our requests regarding improvement of living conditions.
1. To streamline the existing policy support to old property owners, providing extra subsidies to renew building structure and cover lift repairs, maintenance and replacement;
2. For those in the queue for public housing over three years, transitional housing and rent allowances should be provided so that their living conditions will be improved. Support revitalization of industrial buildings to optimize residential land use. Rent control as a policy direction should be considered to put a rein on allowable rent increase;
3. To strengthen the function of the URA and the Housing Society in redevelopment of old buildings and estates. Re-planning and making good use of plot ratios is what Yan advises to increase housing supply and upgrade community facilities;
4. Facilitate release of land resources in the short run, including abandoned agricultural land and urban idle land. These land resources should be used to increase supply of public housing units and transitional housing;
5. As medium-term housing supply initiatives, partial development of the golf course in Fanling should be considered as a feasible policy option. The government should also consider reclamation of regions near Victoria Harbour to increase land supply, thereby optimization of housing supply.
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