Girl of Kowloon Walled City
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Yan Chan, girl of Kowloon Walled City Hong Kong is where I was born, I studied, got married and became expectant. I have been living here with full engagement and real passion. In fact, I never thought of leaving Hong Kong, even when people … 閱讀更多

【Improvement of living conditions】
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Yan wishes everybody could live a comfortable life with a decent abode. But the fact is, problems marking the uniqueness of West Kowloon involving dilapidated buildings everywhere is rampant. To this end, Yan hopes that the policy address announced tomorrow will address our requests … 閱讀更多

【Yan to pay no lip service】
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After announcing my candidacy, Yan has been searching every “nook and cranny” of West Kowloon, discussing with people of different backgrounds my election platform, my visions, etc.  All people Yan has met share a wish. They are not willing to see non-stop quarrels that … 閱讀更多