Hello, I am Yan CHAN.

Hong Kong is where Yan was born and raised; it is also where Yan studied, worked, became married and a mom-of-two.
The best and the toughest moments Yan experienced happened here. Therefore, Yan is concerned about every single thing that happens to this city.
Yan is ready to go a step further for the next generation. In Yan’s opinion, the city has looked and felt different in recent years. There is more distrust, more rows, more backbiting and disarray amongst people, instilling the city with nothing but a pessimistic atmosphere; we can’t breathe and we feel distressed. Yan believes that no one wants to see thing getting grey in Hong Kong.
Think about our next generation. Can we do better for them, the future pillars of our society? Yan has two kids who are curious about everything including their mum’s work. “Mum, what makes you always busy recently? Visiting, taking care of patients? What for? We expected you have more time with us after leaving the government,” said my kids. Before today, Yan has explained tirelessly over and over why mum still have works to do, even after leaving the government. However, because they are so young, they seem not yet to fully understand. But from today onwards, Yan will give them an answer that is entirely different. Yan will tell them, “Mom will work very hard to fight a war that is crucial to the better of future of you, and other kids.”
Yan solemnly announces my decision to run for the 2018 Legislative Council By-election, which will be held in 25 November.

“Breaking Limitations”

 Yan’s friends asked, “You could be enjoying your ordinary life with kids, yet you are running for elections, in which nothing but stress and even unreasonable attacks have to be faced. Why?” Yan’s answer is, “I just can’t turn a blind eye to things that instil my beloved city with pessimistic atmosphere. I can’t just enjoy my stable life with my family members without worrying what happens outside my ‘comfort zone’.” as Yan believes, with strength we will work hand in hand to regain our confidence, our once-lost Hong Kong Spirit. We are desperate for a breakthrough. Better future, here we come!
More importantly, what Yan wants to say through this election is that the seat does not belong to any political party, not even a single person. It actually belongs to Hong Kong people! Yan sincerely hopes the voters can reconsider their vote and choosing a candidate who thinks and acts for the people. “I am the one you can choose from” is how Yan sees the dynamics that ensues from Yan’s announcement of her candidacy for the LegCo election.

“For Hong Kong, engage the disengaged”

Some people believe that this election is “a duel between two opposites”. However, Yan believes strongly that Hong Kong people get nothing from confrontational politics. Instead, candidates should compete with each other on visions reflected in their election platform. Yan expects the election to be a well-run one with candidates embracing fairness. Hong Kong people do not need LegCo members who only chant slogans in a bid to scaremonger on whatever government officials are doing. What we need is LegCo members who are rational, hardworking and promising. For this, Yan will work as hard as she possibly can to achieve goals with effort and humility. No matter how difficult the road ahead may seem, Yan is determined to work towards the best for our society, as well as our teenagers. Despite small in effort as an individual, Yan strongly believes that positive change will be in our near future with your support. Please support Yan. Vote for her on 25 November for a breakthrough. Yan is here to break through own dilemmas as well as confront Hong Kong’s issues.